Amber Gas Group Ltd

Amber Gas currently provided the following services. More details regarding the individual service can be found on the relevent page using the link in the "Services" tab on the navigation bar.


                  Gas Consultancy to the housing and construction industries

Quality Assurance

                  Quality assuranceto the housing and construction industries
Secure access to a client information portal within this website, holding documents relating to their business

Meeting / Seminar / Training Room Hire

                  Provision of training, conferencing and meeting facilities at our bespoke centre,


Bespoke training of gas engineers,
                  Bespoke training to gas management staff within housing accomodation organisations,
                  Training and assessment of operatives in Unvented Hot Water Systems,


Assessment of gas engineers to the current ACS standarts,

Specialist Engineering Services

                  Bio-Mas Fuel pressure elevation unit testing
                  Commercial pipework testing & commissioning
                  Permenant dwellings
                  Residential and Holiday park homes
                  Boats and other water craft
                  Outside catering vehicles and equipment
                  Renewable energy sources